How Can AI Mislabeling NSFW Content Affect Users

Effect on Content Creators and Publishers

But if AI mis-tags content as NSFW, the repercussions for content creators and publishers can be major. Misclassification can result in unwarranted limits or suspensions of the content of such videos, hurting visibility and monetization. That same year a 2023 survey of 30% of digital artists mean they were eventually hit with AI botched classifications leading to declines in revenue, as this found their content to be inappropriately inappropriate. It's not only hurting the wallet of creators but is also a straightjacket to creativity.

UI and access to data

Faulty AI mislabeling can also affect the user experience by hiding away user-generated content employed for a valid purpose. Any educational or information content that is simply tagged NSFW by mistake could be completely filtered from the the user's feed — and they could miss out on some pretty important news. One such popular incident occurred last year when an AI system inappropriate-mislabeled a documentary about health and consequently the viewership for that video reduced by 40%. Mistakes like this can counteract the good content the right audience member never saw.

Trust and Dependability Issues

If this sort of thing occurs in widespread ways, then the trust in the digital platforms and AI systems vanish. But if the AI moderation tools make incorrect posts repeatedly, users or creators may literally start to doubt the reliability. By 2024 user satisfaction on social media platforms falls 25% when after running into multiple mislabeled contents on a 2024 study[]. Jiang recommended the advancement of publicly disclosed remediation procedures and AI accuracy.

Ethical and Legal Concerns

Incorrect labeling of NSFW content by AI, in worst case scenarios, can come up against legal and ethical problems, if it provokes censure or scorndiscrimination. As mentioned above, misclassification based on biased or flawed algorithms can bias affect minority groups or even suppress some minorities. In turn, there has been a growing interest from regulatory bodies in examining how tools like the AI moderation tools are applied, advocating for changes in the use of these tools so that they can be properly regulated and held accountable.

What We Can Do to Reduce Harm and Error

Companies are responding to the problems of AI being mislabeled by creating better AI training techniques and using mix datasets in order to overcome the errors. Over the past two years, advancements in AI technology have resulted in a 20% uptick in accuracy in identifying content that violates Twitters standards versus content-related standards. Further, it also ensures that human oversight bicects through the decision part of AI resulted failures, therefore preventing for catastrophic failures and mislabelling problem to users and content creators.


The mislabeling by AI of NSFW content can have very pervasive impact on users, on content creators, and on digital platforms. It places a strain on the balancing act between effective and proportionate content moderation and protecting our right to freedom of expression. It is important that AI systems work as planned, and this has significant legal, ethical and commercial implications on how such systems are designed and developed. Learn more about how AI is being fine-tuned to deal with these issues at nsfw character ai.

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